Definition of ANPQP

The Alliance New Product Quality Procedure (ANPQP) is a procedure developed jointly by Renault and Nissan to define the specific Alliance requirements for suppliers for the design, development and manufacture of products.  It is part of the Alliance Supplier Guide (ASG).

ANPQP Purpose

To specify the methods and responsibilities by which the supplier is required:

  • To develop new products
  • To manage all aspects of full volume production
  • To achieve the quality, cost and delivery targets and associated customer expectations


ANPQP applies to all external suppliers of:

  • Vehicle parts.
  • Module assemblies.
  • Powertrain parts/units.
  • Service parts or units.
  • Can also be applied to external suppliers of direct materials and in-house suppliers of production parts.

It covers the new product development cycle from initial project planning, through SOP and into full volume production.  It should also be used to manage all changes to product and/or process, which may occur throughout the life of the product.

Supplier ANPQP Representative (SAR)

Each supplier is required to have a minimum of two SARs for each of their locations/sites, including Design and Sales offices.

This person will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • the company QMS is compliant with the requirements of ANPQP.
  • All appropriate functions understand ANPQP in general and also understand the specific ANPQP requirements related to their function.
  • In each function, gaps between current skill level and required skill level (e.g. core tools knowledge, etc.) are identified and that a plan for the provision of required training is created.

As a result, the nominated SARs should have sufficient responsibility and authority within their company to successfully undertake these responsibilities.

A SAR is mandatory by IATF 16949:2016

ANPQP Alliance Policy

  • Suppliers are expected to provide products that meet or exceed Renault / Nissan Quality, Cost and Delivery targets.
  • Suppliers are required to comply with all IATF 16949:2016 requirements.
  • Renault / Nissan can audit the suppliers QMS at any time using the Alliance evaluation tools.
  • Suppliers shall apply ANPQP Rigorously.
  • Suppliers are expected to deploy ANPQP requirements down to their sub-suppliers.

Course Fee

$645 USD


  • Manual and other class material.
  • Participants are requested to bring a laptop for exercises.


Otali Alejandro Márquez Rodríguez

Nissan ANPQP North America Supplier Training Coordinator – USA & Canada

USA: 1-615-751-0085

MX: 01 (52) 449 9100.900 Ext. 5777